Sweet (an old toothache poem)

Slow thudding, thumping pain struck teeth, enamored by
frozen sweetness, ravaged – to the weak
enamel, pitied to the ringing core,
Rhythmless, it was
just an empty tomb, vacant with walls – tall and
reaching. Shaking, vibrating – ripping from the nerves and root
One more sip. One slow drip of molasses –
creeps and coats, and eats
corrodes. Thumping, Thumping, Thumping
Jaws feel swollen – Rip it. Rip the ear, too. Drag it down,
Claw with stumpy nails,
tear, pull that corroded fang. Rip. One more sip.

broken down to a new shape, a new form
of ivory ruins. blackened, with spotted pits,
Chipped, till it tastes like death and decay.

Lick the faint slate of ruined yellow white
and taste, and taste, and breathe and inhale, and exhale,
that sweet decay.


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