I’m not sure what criteria I have for the poems that I post on this blog. Some poems are ranked on my ‘this is okay’ list. A couple poems are on my favorites list. I go on/off between changing the visibility of some to private or public. I think the problem is that I would like to both self publish and enter contests, but I would also like to avoid the annoyance of having hundreds of poems sitting around unseen. In any case most of the poems on this blog are old. Some are a year or two old, others a few months. I’m in a great writing group, a school writing club, and a side workshop at the moment. I’m also taking poetry workshop next summer and my senior project will most likely involve a poetry related project, so there may be more modern pieces coming soon. In any case, there’ll be a mix up as I try to figure out the criteria… and as I get rejection notices. Possibly. Probably.


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